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Seasonal Allergies vs Local Honey

We recommend the following Grampa’s Gourmet varietals to help alleviate seasonal allergies:

If you live in Colorado:

If you live in New Mexico:


Honey Bee on a Chamiso Plant in Colorado

About Seasonal Allergies and Local Honey

Every summer at the farmer’s market in Denver, we hear from hundreds of people who tell us that they are buying our honey in hopes of reducing their seasonal allergies.

The argument for eating local honey is the same as for the flu shot: it introduces a dummy version of whatever virus/germ to trick the body into believing that it’s been invaded, triggering an immune system response. This encourages the body to produce natural anti-bodies to fight the infection, etc – thereby increasing the body’s defenses against the real thing. It’s called immunotherapy.

There have been no peer-reviewed scientific studies that have conclusively proven whether honey actually reduces allergies. Almost all evidence regarding the immunizing effects of eating honey is anecdotal – and we’ve sure met a lot of people who will swear by it.

Why the Honey has to be Local

Seasonal allergies are caused by spring pollen in the air. If you have allergies, you are allergic to the pollen – and the idea is since local raw honey contains the same type (from the same flower source) of pollen as what you’re allergic to, introducing these into your system in small amounts (the concentration of pollen spores in honey is low, compared to, say, sniffing a flower directly) is enough to trigger your body to produce antibodies to the pollen for you go outside.

Therefore, the more local the honey the better because you want to be sure that you’re conditioning your body to the same pollen that you’re allergic to.

Grampa’s Gourmet is obsessive (and transparent) about where our honey comes from and that’s why we don’t recommend that anyone outside of Colorado or New Mexico buy our honey for allergies. Of course, you should still buy it for their varietal deliciousness!