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Project: Taste the Honey


Project Introduction

“Project: Taste the Honey” is a result of many conversations I’ve had this summer – with people I meet at the farmer’s market, other local beekeepers, as well as lots of people who are just passionate about food.

There seems to be a real disconnect between what honey is (totally amazing natural sweetener with endless distinct varietal flavors) and what too many people think honey is (generic yellow sugar substitute that comes in a plastic squeeze bottle).

The truth is that there isn’t just one “honey”. There are thousands varieties, based on flower sources, regions, etc. Here at Grampa’s we happened to make about 5 of the varieties that are unique to Colorado and New Mexico.

I want people to think of honey more in terms of wine (with it’s own “gout de terroir“), and when buying honey ask questions like “where does this honey come from?” or “which variety of honey is this?”

And I want you to discover the small batch, traditional beekeepers in this country who are having to compete with the industry that has standardized their product to be able to sell it as cheap as sugar.

It’s About the Flowers

The type of flower a bee visits influences the variety of honey that a hive will produce. As a result, there are hundreds of unique varietal honeys in the United States, each with its own distinct and complicated flavor profile waiting for you to taste it.


Our mission is to create a real market for varietal honey in the United States.

How to Participate

Go out there, and find your local varietal honey. Taste it, love it, share it. Let’s bring all of these amazing, small batch, varietal honeys out of obscurity and into our kitchens.

You might decide to taste a specific flower, or you could decide to discover a taste of place.

Host a honey tasting party or create a recipe emphasizing the variety of honeys, and post it on your blog. Let us know about it too!