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Varietal Honeys




Clover Honey

Simply sweet and mild. Made in the Southern San Luis Valley on old family farms along the Rio Grande and Conejos rivers. This honey will remind you of a summer wind cooling off a hot afternoon.

Acacia Honey

  2015......description to come.

White Honey

Aka Creamed Honey. This is our Clover honey that has been crystallized under controlled conditions. Cream is what you should think of when tasting this honey. It spreads with ease, compliments toast, scones, and other baked goods well as it doesn’t run off and on to your lap. It will never harden if kept at room temperature. The crystallizing of this honey allows the honey to melt in your mouth and, although made with clover, the two honeys taste complete different.

“Seasonal” Valley Wild Flower Honey

    A late season honey produced in late fall of 2014. 

“Seasonal” Chamiso Honey

Or Chamisa, if you like. Aka Rabbit Brush. If you live in the Southwest chances are you have seen this bush growing near you. In the fall, and only in the fall, the plant will bloom prolific with small yellow flowers. The honey from these has a slight hint of “medicine” taste. Not in a bad way, mind you, but in a way that seems to be trying to remind you that this plant was held in high regard by Native Americans, who used as just that.