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New! Huajillo (Wa-hee-o) Honey



Huajillo, is a member of the acacia family. Over my life of beekeeping I have developed a respect for this family of plants. They are, generally speaking, a great assett to many members of their enviroment. They are hardy survivors and in terms of food they  provide much for other species in time of peril. The acacias are also well known for their herbal medicinal benifits to humans.  To me, they are known for the honey! From  Cat Claw (acacia greggii) to its close cousin kiawe (hawaiian mesquite) these plants produce a special nectar. All are found in arid climates where light honey is rare, yet they all produce a water white nectar very mild in flavor.  Conditions are rare that cause these plants produce substantial amounts of nectar. First it take moisture, ie rain at the right time. If the rain comes too early in the season the desert and dry landscape gobbles it up, if it comes too late the blooms can be destroyed.  Second it takes calm wind and heat during the bloom. I don’t know the chemistry or design behind it, but  when it all comes together the acacia family of plants produces a honey that naturally granulates smooth, has a deep rich creamy taste, and in my opinion is the best honey on the planet.

This past April we collected about 1000lbs of very pure Huajillo honey, we are in the process of getting the labels made then it will be offered only here on our online store