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Honey Ideas

Honey isn't just for tea and toast, there is a whole world of varietal honey out there to explore.  Here are a few ideas to get started:

Host a Honey Tasting Party

Honey Tasting Party  

If there is a trend in artisan food, it’s tasting parties and to push it even further, Food and Wine Magazine listed “homemade honey” as a top trend recently. The following are guidelines, tasting notes, pairing ideas which will ultimately help you set the stage to host a Honey Tasting Party in your own home.



Project: Taste the Honey


Project: Taste the Honey” is a result of many conversations I’ve had this summer – with people I meet at the farmer’s market, other local beekeepers, as well as lots of people who are just passionate about food.

There seems to be a real disconnect between what honey is (totally amazing natural sweetener with endless distinct varietal flavors) and what too many people think honey is (generic yellow sugar substitute that comes in a plastic squeeze bottle).