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The State of the Tamerisk


     The tamarisk honey we sell here at Grampas was made in 2009. I have tried unsuccesfully to make more since that year. Since 2009 various agencies have been tring desepratly to eradicate the invasive species.( click here to read why)  This past year I placed 60 hives on the Pecose river near irran, Texas to try and make some tamarisk honey. Much to my dismay, only 2 days after the bees were set and supered, i was informed by the ranch that the department of agriculture was going to burn the river bottom to clear the pesky tree.  Needless to say the bees did not fair well.  I have had a host of people bend my ear on the topic of tamerisk, most siding with the common notion that the tree deserves no place in the SouthWest riparian ecosystem. However, i am always quick to point out that it's not all bad. In places like the Sonoran and Chiricauhan deserts the tamerisk can provide a life line in times of dearth to animals and insects such as honey bees.

   In writting this I did find a couple of articles that show the good of the tamerisk.

Fly Catcher

Defending Tamerisk


  Okay, well at least why it is a waste of time, money and resources to fight a giant battle againt a tree.  The most recent weapon agaist tamerisk is the tamerisk leaf beetle, various government agencies are using the beetles to control tamerisk with great success. For 5 year I have been trying to make more tamerisk honey, but alas it doesn't seem possible.

    We will be discontinuing the tamerisk Honey Starting February 1, 2014.  If you are lucky enough to still have a jar, perhaps you should save it.


Located 1 mile East of Alamosa, Stop by if your in Town.  Fresh honey, classes, and demonstrations.

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We have received the labels for the new honey!!

   The Labels for the new honey's arrived today. We will have them on the shelf by weeks end. We re-tasted the Western Oak today, wow what an exceptional honey.  stay tuned........

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New! Huajillo (Wa-hee-o) Honey

NEW FOR FALL 2012 Huajillo, is a member of the acacia family. Over my life of beekeeping I have developed a respect for this family of plants. They are, generally speaking, a great assett to many members of their enviroment. They are hardy survivors and in terms of food they  provide much for other species in [...]

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Grampa's Gourmet featured in Cooking Light Magazine

Grampa's Gourmet was featured in the August 2012 edition of Cooking Light Magazine!

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