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   This year we will have 2 different options of nucs for sale. They will both be 5 frames, 2-3 frames of brood, two of honey/pollen all covered in bees.

Colorado Nucs

    What we call Colorado Nucs are nucleus colonies made in the fall of 2016. The queens are bred by us here in the San Luis Valley, open mated with Colorado drones. The colonies are carefully tended to and sent South for the winter.  This spring, we will reassess the queens in each colony, culling the questionable ones and selling the good ones. Second year queens, that have proven themselves are the best.  Out of 150 nucs that were made, only about 80 will be sold. We will be doing more colorado fall nucs in the future.

 Standard Nuc

   Our standard nucs are colonies that will be made this spring with a new laying queen from Pruitt apiaries. This is what we sold last year and people were pleased. Since we don't have the feed and transportation in these they are less expensive as well.

3# Packages

  We will also have a limited number of 3lb packages availible for pick-up here in Alamosa.  These packages will be built here 1 day prior to pick-up. They will have an Italian mated queen from Pruitt Apiaries. 


   5 Frames Colorado Fall Nuc  $180

   5 Frame Standard Nuc: $160

    3lb Package:     $130

    Bees are on sale now HERE  

    please email beesformeplease@gmail.com for questions



    Selling bees is not easy. Particularly for a small two man operation such as ours. Some older customers may notice that I do not sell the same thing every year. This is in large part due to the fact that I have to decide how much work I can handle. I am the father of a 3,5, and 7 year old. My wife has a full time job and we just moved to a new house to accomidate the family. Every spring is a new juggling act and needless to say I do the best I can to try and help those who like to buy bees from a true local supplier. 

    Buying bees is not easy.....well it is easy to make the actual purchase, however the whole process from purchase to pick-up to installing them, to beekeeping is long road and one that many people have ventured down rather uninformed, misinformed or without a steering wheel all together.  I strongly encourage that you mentor with someone who has been keeping bees for at least 3 years to understand the basics along with taking classes and reading books.